36 Lessons in Self-Destruction


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Rob Woods' Depressed Punx Collection.

In the comics of Rob Woods, nothing is sacred, and nothing is safe. With these thirty-six stories created over the course of five years of life on the fringes of Philadelphia, Woods crafts a frightening & bleakly funny universe that is at once universally relatable and entirely his own.

"Rob's work evokes memories of the early RAW magazine experiments, blending expressive, heart-felt and honest narratives with avant-garde design and layout. Compelling, revealing, and ultimately, optimistic." - PAUL POPE

"Some of the best comics I have read in recent years…I don't see anyone else doing anything like this." - FAREL DALRYMPLE

B&W. 136 pages.

You can also buy it digitally: https://gumroad.com/l/36lisd